Redmond Mayor Angela Birney Announces Campaign for Re-election in 2023

Redmond Mayor Angela Birney Announces Campaign for Re-election in 2023

Regional leader pledges to continue working on livability, sustainability, and connectivity priorities that benefit all residents of growing eastside city

For Immediate Release: February 1, 2023

REDMOND– Mayor Angela Birney has announced that she will seek re-election to the office she has held since 2019. Birney, a recognized regional leader who has pushed for greater investments in affordable housing, public safety, and transit connections, wants to build on her record in a second term as Mayor.

“I’m proud of the work I’ve done in collaboration with regional and state leaders to find innovative solutions to our most challenging problems,” said Birney. “By representing our community and our priorities, we’ve supported small businesses, addressed the homelessness challenge, increased housing supplies, expanded behavioral health solutions, and invested in public safety.

Other accomplishments Birney touts include building the new Redmond Senior and Community Center, opening Westside Park – an inclusive renovation of a neighborhood park – and bringing back community events including a more environmentally sustainable Derby Days and a month-long Redmond Lights.

Connecting the growing city of Redmond to the great Puget Sound region is an area where Birney has worked as well, starting work on the final section of the Redmond Central Connector Eastrail project, successfully lobbied the state legislature to begin the bike and pedestrian bridge over 520, and completing infrastructure projects around the stations to serve our community.

“Redmond is not only a growing commercial and technology center, but home to thousands who travel from home to other cities in our region for work, education, and recreation,” said Birney. “By making sure we get our share of state and federal resources, we’re building the infrastructure we need to meet current and future needs, while protecting our quality of life and environment.”

In her next term, Birney hopes to build on her record, including continued improvements in public safety and housing, completion of light rail, and ongoing economic recovery efforts as the city’s retail core and employers continue to recover from pandemic disruption.

“Redmond is a city with incredible potential, rooted in our great neighborhoods, diverse communities, and strong businesses – large and small,” said Birney. “I’m excited to continue the work we have done, mapping out the housing needs for the next 25 years and our commitment to climate action, and implementing the bold plans we have set in motion. It would be an honor to continue to serve as Mayor of Redmond.”