Featured Endorsements
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“As a longtime Redmond neighbor, I’ve seen Angela’s advocacy for kids, families, and strong communities firsthand. She has the dedication, experience, integrity, and values that will make us all proud to call her Mayor, and we can count on her to put collaboration and inclusion first.”

– State Senator
Manka Dhingra

“With a rapidly growing Eastside, Angela is the right person to ensure Redmond is leading on our most pressing local and regional challenges including increased affordable housing, transportation options, and promoting safe and healthy communities. She will keep Redmond moving forward!”

– King County Councilmember
Claudia Balducci

“Angela’s leadership and insight will be invaluable as Redmond addresses transit, housing, and livability opportunities going forward. She shares Redmond values and local priorities – and also understands Redmond’s important role in keeping our region globally competitive.”

– King County Executive
Dow Constantine

“With proven experience as City Council President, Angela has the temperament and leadership skills to preserve and enhance Redmond’s great quality of life.”

– 45th Legislative District Representative
Roger Goodman

“I have had the privilege of working with Angela Birney on both City Council and the Parks and Trails Commission. Angela exemplifies inclusive leadership. She encourages robust public process and outreach to actively engage our community, she is aware of the challenges faced by diverse community groups, and actively listens to and engages everyone at the table so that all viewpoints are heard. I believe her leadership style, dedication to community service, and collaborative spirit will make her an excellent mayor.”

– Redmond City Councilmember
Tanika Padhye

“Leading a growing city takes hard work, vision, and a willingness to stand up for what is right. Angela is an experienced leader, an innovative problem solver, and an active community member. She’s well prepared to thoughtfully guide Redmond forward.”

– 48th Legislative District Representative
Amy Walen

“Angela’s steady leadership was instrumental in helping to hold city staff accountable to provide the support for the council’s priorities throughout the year. It was this focus that resulted in a biennial budget which reflected the essential priorities and values of our diverse community. I am supremely confident that Angela will bring her passion and many skills to her next role as the Mayor of Redmond.”

– Redmond City Councilmember
Hank Margeson

“Angela is the right person, with the right experience, at the right time to bring Redmond in the right direction. Her passion, energy and dedication ensure that Redmond is a vibrant, welcoming city for all people. Having known and worked with Angela for more than 15 years, especially in the areas of schools, families, and in neighborhoods, I strongly endorse her vision for “Connecting Redmond.” I am looking forward to continuing our work together.”

– LWSD Board Member
Siri Bliesner


  • 45th Democratic Legislative District

Elected and Appointed Officials

  • State Senator Manka Dhingra, 45th LD
  • State Senator Patty Kuderer, 48th LD
  • State Representative Roger Goodman, 45th LD
  • State Representative Tana Senn, 41th LD
  • State Representative Vandana Slatter, 48th LD
  • State Representative Larry Springer, 45th LD
  • State Representative Amy Walen, 48th LD
  • Former State Representative Joan McBride, 48th LD
  • Former State Representative 41st LD and Renton Mayoral Candidate Marcie Maxwell
  • King County Executive Dow Constantine
  • King County Chair Rod Dembowski
  • King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci, District 6
  • King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, District 4
  • King County Councilmember and Former Chair Joe McDermott, District 6
  • Bellevue Former Mayor and City Councilmember John Stokes
  • Bothell Mayor Andy Rheaume
  • Bothell Deputy Mayor Davina Duerr
  • Duvall Mayor Amy Ockerlander
  • Issaquah Mayor Mary Lou Pauly
  • Issaquah Former Mayor Fred Butler
  • Kirkland Mayor Penny Sweet
  • Kirkland Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold
  • Kirkland City Councilmember Jon Pascal
  • Kenmore Mayor David Baker
  • Kent Mayor Dana Ralph
  • Medina Mayor Cynthia Adkins
  • Mercer Island Mayor Debbie Bertlin
  • Mercer Island Former Mayor and City Councilmember Bruce Bassett
  • Mercer Island City Councilmember Benson Wong
  • Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson
  • Lake Washington School District Board President Siri Bliesner
  • Lake Washington School District Board Director Cassandra Sage
  • Redmond Mayor John Marchione
  • Redmond Former Mayor Doreen Marchione
  • Redmond City Council, Vice-President David Carson
  • Redmond City Councilmember Hank Margeson
  • Redmond City Councilmember Tanika Padhye
  • Former Redmond City Councilmember Kim Allen
  • Former Redmond City Councilmember Nancy McCormick
  • Former Redmond City Councilmember Byron Shutz
  • Former Redmond City Councilmember Arnold Tomac
  • Former Redmond City Councilmember Pat Vache
  • Redmond Arts and Culture Commission Chair Jane Wither
  • Redmond Parks and Trails Commissioner Shelly Bowman
  • Redmond Parks and Trails Commissioner Aaron Knopf
  • Redmond Human Services Commissioner Shawn Roland
  • Redmond Human Services Commissioner Sue Stewart

Community Endorsements

  • Brian Baker
  • Cody Becker
  • Scott and Laurie Biethan
  • Roy Captain
  • Jeni and Ron Craswell
  • Karin Duval
  • Tom Flynn
  • Paul Gardiner
  • Barbara Hagel
  • Devra Hunt
  • Carlos Jimenez
  • JD Klein, Minuteman Press
  • Jenny Knopf
  • Vanessa Kritzer
  • Sarah Langton
  • Danielle A. Madrid
  • Debbie Marchione
  • Patti Margeson
  • Larry Martin
  • Soni Menka
  • Phil Miller
  • Kristen Muscott
  • Sherri and David Nichols
  • Ellen O’Hara
  • Jelena Pavicevic
  • Julie Pham
  • Keri Pravitz
  • Myriam Pollock
  • Karin Quirk
  • Jessica Rossman
  • Susan Shutz
  • Betty Spieth-Croll
  • Liz and Michael Van Bemmel
  • Mary Lou Walen
  • Kevin Wallace
  • Trevor Collins Willett
  • X Wu