First Term Achievements

Explore Angela’s reflections on these goals and learn how her leadership has moved Redmond forward in each area over the past four years.


Housing and affordability are the greatest challenges of our time. I will continue to work to create more housing at all levels. This work will include regional, state, and national partnerships to streamline and create new opportunities.

I will continue to invest in our evolving public safety system that requires new partnerships and staffing to better serve our whole community into the future. – Angela.

  • Increased availability and affordability of housing in Redmond through effective planning, implementation of innovative policies, and partnering with local, state, and national leaders to address our regional challenges.
    • Developed Redmond Housing Action Plan March 2021 to provide a pathway to build more housing, diversify the housing options, and target resources to less advantaged households. (Redmond Housing Action Plan Project Website)
    • Received local, state, and federal grants to support middle housing and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
    • Active partner in A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH), to preserve and increase the supply of housing for low- and moderate-income households in the region.
    • Implemented Multi-family Property Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program that provides a tax exemption on eligible multi-family housing in exchange for income- and rent-restricted units.
    • Upzoned Redmond Town Center to ensure affordable housing near light rail stations and established environmental improvements.
    • Supported redevelopment of the Together Center to provide housing and social services to Redmond residents – one of the first multi-tenant nonprofit centers in the nation.
    • The expanded Together Center with its human services on the ground floor will be topped by 5 floors of affordable housing (200 units of workforce housing, and 80 units of low-income housing), just blocks from the Redmond Transit Center and Redmond Light Rail station which is set to open in 2025.
  • Maintained and enhanced public safety approaches and programs in Redmond to ensure high-level of service for our growing city, and to include integrated human services and mental health support.
    • Developed Redmond Fire Department Strategic Plan 2022-2027 to ensure appropriate levels and types of services for our dynamic city.
    • Contract with King County Fire District 34 (unincorporated areas surrounding Redmond.) – cost recovery for Redmond community.
    • Established Redmond’s THRIVE program to provide safety, stability, opportunity, and hope for anyone in need or crisis. Includes programs such as:
      • Mental health professional who deploys alongside Redmond police
      • Homelessness response program that helps those who are unhoused and housing insecure.
      • Alternative court for individuals who have committed low level offenses (e.g., shoplifting)
      • Mobile Integrated Health Program provides resources that reduce the need for calling 911.
      • Funding support to local non-profit partners who provide a range of supportive services to our community.
    • Ensured police services evolved to address current issues and challenges with the Police Functional Plan
    • Ensured up-to-date police practices and policies through utilization of Lexipol – a provider of policy, training, and wellness support for first responders.
    • Implemented police body worn and in-car camera program for all commissioned officers.
    • Pursued technology options to support public safety, such as the Starchase GPS technology that enables officers in patrol vehicles to safely manage fleeing suspects while keeping police officers and community members safer. This technology allows an officer to tag a suspect vehicle with GPS enabled technology and then back off.
    • Updated School Resource Officer (SRO) partnership with Lake Washington School District (LWSD) to ensure continued support for school safety, as well as to address community concerns.
    • Redmond Police Chief was selected to serve on the Governor’s first task force.
  • Ensured delivery of needed human services through funding and partnerships with non-profits
    • Health Through Housing Partnership includes temporary refugee resettlement following the start of the Ukraine War and end of the Afghanistan War
    • Supportive housing site work continued in partnership with King County
    • Permanent supportive housing, emergency housing, emergency shelter, transitional housing efforts continued in alignment with House Bill (HB) 1220 and in partnership with King County and neighboring cities.


We must continue to invest, prioritize, and partner to create a world-class transit and multi-modal system. This will include working through significant challenges that require reliance on good relationships and partnerships. Effective transit is vital to a sustainable environment. – Angela

  • Promoted environmentally sustainable practices and policies
    • Climate impacts and support efforts ensured we are doing our part as a city and encouraged our community to do the same.
    • Supported development and implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP)
    • Energy Smart Eastside Partnership (Eastside Climate Partnership)
    • Bear Creek Rehabilitations/Keller Farm and Evans Creek
    • Climate change vulnerability assessment
    • Operations Zero Carbon Strategy for the City of Redmond
    • Tree replacement policy update to include fees and penalties.
    • Climate planning and resiliency projects grant
    • King County Housing Authority Partnership for heat pump upgrades
    • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure improvement.
    • Electric fire engine purchase
  • Provided efficient and effective mobility infrastructure that serves our whole community by increasing access to public transit (bus, light rail) and creating opportunities for multi-modal transit (i.e., walk, bike).
    • Four Redmond light rail stations nearly complete and successfully navigated a concrete strike during the pandemic (impacted stations 2 and 3)
    • Implemented efforts to create a more multi-modal city by:
      • Connected neighborhoods with downtown by providing options for the “Last Mile”
      • Successfully lobbied State Legislature for funds to begin the 520 Bike Pedestrian Path Tunnel providing a key connection that enhances safety.
      • 156th Ave upgrades include cycle track and pedestrian improvements.
      • NE 40th shared use path
      • Overlake Village pedestrian bridge
    • Began construction on (and acquired Federal funding for) final section of the Redmond Central Connector/Eastrail Project to provide a better-connected trail system.
    • Adaptive signals downtown and PSRC grant
    • Bridges, parking garages, street improvements continue.
      • $2M grant for SR 202 improvements between 70th and 76th
      • 51st street improvements
      • Redmond Way/East Lake Sammamish Parkway/180th Ave NE intersection improvements
      • Redmond Technology Station Bridge (CFD partnership)
  • Continued to prioritize and invest in the infrastructure and foundation of our city to ensure delivery of key utility services to the community.
    • Ensured water flows in all the right directions safely
    • Pump station improvements
    • NE 40th Stormwater Project
    • Bel-Red Road, 30th to West Lake Sammamish buffered bike lane.
    • Wastewater pump station improvements/modernization
    • Water system telemetry upgrade (safety and security)
    • MOC bathroom upgrades
    • Temporary construction dewatering
    • Vision Zero, safety improvements to target zero.
  • Implemented effective and efficient government practices.
    • Budgeting – balanced 2 biennial budgets
    • Invested and streamlined city services to better serve our community.
    • Took the learnings from the pandemic for better online offerings, easier access, and upgraded systems.
    • Records Management Upgrades – HR, finance systems, prosecutor case management, and recreational software
    • Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada
    • Business licensing improved using the state program.
    • City Transportation Fleet Study – right-sized resources
    • Comprehensive City Plan – on-going
    • Board and commission rules and process improvements


Our parks and community offerings are a big part of what make Redmond a home for many. We will continue to invest in the structures and offerings that our community has come to expect. – Angela

  • Enhanced community engagement and interaction opportunities for Redmond residents, with a focus on creating a welcoming community for individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
    • Designed, funded, and currently building a new Senior and Community Center with local, county, state, and federal funding.
    • Re-established Redmond community traditions after COVID-19 disruptions such as Redmond Lights and Derby Days, which now ends with a Drone “fireworks” Show!
    • Renovated the Redmond Pool keeping a vital community amenity accessible.
    • Supported establishment of a cricket facility in King County
    • American Disabilities Act (ADA) Facilities Transition Plan
    • Recognized Juneteenth as a holiday
    • Invested in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work city-wide and hired DEI advisor.
  • Ensured parks and recreation are available, accessible, and affordable for Redmond residents.
    • Update to cost-of-service for parks and recreation.
    • Westside Park, Bear Creek House Post, and Smith Woods Park improved for recreational opportunities and environmental soundness.
    • Eastrail/Redmond Central Connector (RCC) III
  • Community Engagement in development of Redmond 2050 Plan – includes an extensive community engagement plan to ensure priorities of inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability are reflected in the policies so Redmond has a future for all to enjoy.
  • Worked Collaboratively with area leaders at local, county, state and federal levels to find innovative solutions to our most challenging issues such as homelessness, food insecurity, need for public transit, and our improving environment.
    • Received the Scott White Regional Leadership Award in recognition of Angela’s collaboration skills.
    • Established the Welcoming Cities Collaborative, a public-private and regional partnership focused on a regional approach to equity, welcoming, inclusion, and belonging.
    • Combined efforts with OneRedmond to support small businesses’ ability to thrive in Redmond.
    • Member of Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Housing Solutions Group – established to develop policy proposals to present to the Washington State Legislature that address the need for more affordable housing in our communities.
    • Angela selected to participate in the National League of Cities (NLC) Housing Supply Accelerator Work Group

Proven Leader

Redmond was one of the first communities in the nation to be hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We should be incredibly proud of how we all came together to meet this challenge.

When the pandemic hit, I took immediate action to keep our community safe based upon the latest scientific information. I managed the pandemic so the city could best ensure the safety of our community members and the health of our businesses. Because I already had strong regional partnerships, I worked with these partners to support the most vulnerable in our community – from seniors to the BIPOC community, along with women-owned businesses and struggling community members. We restructured systems to create opportunities for community members who previously were not the first to get assistance. These systems included direct CARES Act funding, translation services, and business support. We also made some of the pandemic changes permanent. For example, we still help with funding for BIPOC and women-owned businesses, and this has strengthened these relationships. We also continue to use what we learned from the pandemic to better serve our whole community. I am incredibly proud of how we all came together to meet this challenge. – Angela

  • Kept Community Safe – worked with partners to host testing and vaccination clinics with outreach to the underserved. This resulted in one of the highest vaccination rates in the county.
  • Help our Most Vulnerable Stay Fed and Housed – leveraged our partnerships and federal dollars to help those in need. This included rental assistance, participation in the eviction prevention program, voucher participation, dispersal of CARES Act funding, and increased human services funding.
  • City Open for Business – pivoted city services and public testimony to fully remote and later planned for staffing recovery.
  • Aided Struggling Businesses – funded support for our struggling businesses to help them keep their doors open. Fostered restaurant “streeteries” which are now permanent. Facilitated the coronavirus allotment of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).
  • State and County Sound Cities Association (SCA) coordination –involved carrying out the state plan at a local level whichhelped us get the most from available funding.
  • Created the Pandemic Update Memo for Community – this was shared with other agencies and was used as a template nationally through the NLS and Conference of Mayors.
  • Applied Innovation to Redmond 2050 Plan – applied some innovative techniques to this plan to get it started during the pandemic. We took the outreach to you – first online and later to park and community events to meet people where they were comfortable.
  • Looked to the Future – developed a long-term recovery plan and tourism support program.



  • Sound Cities Association President – this organization represents all 38 cities in King County outside of Seattle
  • Scott White Regional Leadership Award from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce
  • 2022 Mayors’ Climate Protection Award, Honorable Mention Small City from the United States Conference of Mayors

Legislative Achievements

  • State bill authorizing impact fee revenue to fund improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities (SB 5452 – 2023-24)

Major Board Appointments

  • Climate Mayors Steering Committee
  • Hopelink, Former Chair and current Board of Directors
  • Housing Supply Accelerator Steering Committee – a partnership between the National League of Cities (NLC) and the American Planning Association (APA)
  • Puget Sound Regional Council, Executive Board