First Term Achievements

When I ran for Redmond Mayor in 2019, my three primary objects were Livability, Sustainability, Connectivity (of community). I’m very pleased with our progress in these areas, along with our flexibility to effectively respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


  • New Redmond Senior and Community Center in the building stages and we also acquired state funding.
  • Final Section of the Redmond Central Connector/Eastrail Project work has begun and we acquired Federal funding to complete this project.
  • Bike/Pedestrian Bridge over 520 – successfully lobbied our State Legislature to receive funds to begin the project.
  • 4 Light Rail Stations – nearing completion.
  • Infrastructure Projects Around 4 Light Rail Stationscompleting work to serve our community.
  • Affordable Housing and the Together Center – invested in both initiatives.


  • Environmental Sustainability Action Plan – continue working toward our sustainability goals with this plan.
  • City Housing Action Plan – completed.
  • Budgeting – balanced 2 biennial budgets.


  • Redmond 2050 Plan – includes an extensive community engagement section. 
  • Worked Collaboratively with Area Leaders – to find innovative solutions to our most challenging issues.
  • Sits on Many Boards – ensuring Redmond has a strong regional presence.
  • Re-established Redmond Traditions – such as Redmond Lights and Derby Days with updates including the Derby Days Drone Show.

Pandemic Response

Redmond was one of the first communities in the nation to be hit by the COVID-10 Pandemic. I am incredibly proud of how we all came together to meet this challenge.

  • Kept Community Safe – worked with partners to host testing and vaccination clinics with one of the highest vaccination rates in the county.
  • Help our Most Vulnerable Stay Fed and Housed – leveraged our partnerships and federal dollars to help those in need.
  • City Open for Business – pivoted city services to virtual.
  • Aided Struggling Businesses – funded support for our struggling businesses to help them keep their doors open.
  • Supported Local Economy – used innovative approaches to support our economy, like opening some sidewalks for outdoor dining.
  • Applied Innovation to Redmond 2050 Plan – applied some innovative techniques to this plan to get it started during the pandemic. We took the outreach to you – either online, when in person wasn’t an option, and then to park and community events to meet people where they were.


  • Sound Cities Association President – this organization represents all 38 cities in King County outside of Seattle.
  • Scott White Regional Leadership Award from the Seattle Chamber