To achieve this vision, I will lead the city council and staff to work with the community as well as different resources and agencies, to fully understand and address each goal and issue. I will responsibly manage the city for the good of the whole community. With my experience and local and regional support we will make this happen.

My plan

  • Improve Redmond’s livability
  • Preserve our environment
  • Strengthen our community

The path forward

  • ‘Connecting Redmond’
  • Provide accountable city government
  • Tackle tough issues and lead Redmond into the future

My plan

Challenges and opportunities are often interconnected. To build on Redmond’s many strengths and prepare for the future, we must take a holistic view of several areas. Here are the first three areas I will address as mayor.


To help ensure Redmond remains a city where we all can thrive, we must balance solutions to interconnected issues such as housing, transportation, and services, while working to improve their affordability. We need to have a strong housing supply, with affordable housing options and local support services, while at the same time protect the environment and character of our neighborhoods. We also need to expand our transit options. By working to leverage the transit opportunities available regionally, Redmond residents will be better connected to our city and our region. I will use my experience as a regional leader to work with our neighboring cities and county government to tackle issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, and regional services.


As a member of Redmond’s Parks and Trails commission, I worked to preserve our region’s natural beauty and open spaces, creating best-in-the-nation parks that people of all ages can enjoy. I will continue to support these efforts. With my science background, I will bring an environmental lens to all work at City Hall. We must prioritize our environment and fight to defeat climate change by doing our part as individuals and as a city.


We need a city where community is fostered, collaboration is valued, and diversity is celebrated. I will work to create a community where people have more opportunities to share ideas, work together, and the city highly values communication and fosters community involvement. All of this will make Redmond work better for everyone who lives and works here.

The path forward

‘Connecting Redmond’

I will reach out, listen, discuss, and most importantly communicate. Communication and building community will be a major focus for me as Mayor and for everyone at City Hall. We will expand comprehensive communications and community involvement programs that focus on the needs of our customers — the people and businesses of Redmond. By harnessing best practices, we will proactively make top-level information easy to find, details always accessible, and every voice heard.

Provide accountable city government

Redmond has worked hard to receive a AAA bond rating. This work will continue. But accountability goes beyond that. I will ensure a high level of integrity among everyone at city hall. By putting our community first and executing a strong communication plan, there will be better clarity than ever about how your investment in Redmond is working for you.

Tackle tough issues and lead Redmond into the future

During my years working with the City of Redmond, neighboring cities, past and present leaders, and many regional groups, I’ve learned so much. One of the most important things I learned — governing Redmond goes far beyond our city limits and having relationships locally and regionally is essential to effect change. I will call upon these relationships as we work together to change our challenges into opportunities for the future. Other critical insights I’ve gathered:

Issues and their solutions are often regional
Example: Issues including rapid growth, affordable housing, transportation, and homelessness are regional problems and each have regional agencies working hard to help find solutions. Working in partnership is critical.

Solutions often involve multiple resources
Example:  There are multiple groups working towards affordable housing, including the Affordable Housing Council and companies like Microsoft. Finding the best information and right mix of approaches and resources, while advocating for Redmond, takes leadership and cooperation.

Issues and their solutions are often interconnected
Example: If city growth is not geographically concentrated, growth will destroy more forested land, reducing natural habitat; cover more ground with impenetrable surfaces, causing run-off into our lakes and streams; limit access to services and public transportation, increasing traffic and carbon emissions; and expand required infrastructure area, increasing city costs. In just this example, the interconnection between unconcentrated growth and the environment, traffic, public transportation, access to services, and city infrastructure cost becomes clear. Of course, when growth is concentrated geographically, other issues such as mass transit, parking, and pedestrian safety arise and need to be addressed.

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