Redmond City Council President Angela Birney to Run for Mayor

Council leader, former teacher and community volunteer committed to helping Redmond be inclusive and affordable during time of growth and change

For Immediate Release: January 8, 2019

REDMOND—Angela Birney, President of the Redmond City Council, has announced that she will run for Mayor of the fast-growing Eastside city in 2019. Birney, a 20-year Redmond resident, former middle school science teacher and longtime school and community volunteer, will seek the position held by current Mayor John Marchione, who is not seeking re-election.

“Throughout my involvement in the community, from the Parks and Trails Commission to Redmond City Council President, I have worked to ensure Redmond is a place people want to call home,” said Birney. “We now have an opportunity to improve upon what we’ve built.  With your support, I will lead Redmond into our next chapter as a collaborative city where people, communities, neighborhoods, and businesses work together to create a place where all are welcome, and all thrive.”

Birney believe that by connecting neighborhoods and communities, Redmond will be poised for the next wave of change coming to the city, while maintaining the livability and quality of life that have defined the city. Birney points to housing affordability and traffic as primary concerns for local families that must be addressed.

“Anyone who works in Redmond should be able to live in Redmond,” said Birney. “We need to increase affordable and workforce housing options so teachers, firefighters, and other members of our community can spend time here at home, rather than commuting. Redmond residents who work in Bellevue or Seattle also need better options, including transit. We’ve fought to bring light rail to Redmond and as Mayor I’ll make sure we continue that critical progress.”

Birney sees investing in parks, open space and environmental protection as another key emphasis for the city, beginning at home but participating in regional and statewide efforts.

“The people of Redmond care deeply for our environment and quality of life,” said Birney.  “We need to protect and enhance local amenities like our parks and trails, open spaces and habitat while working to reduce the impacts of climate change. To protect our air, water and climate for future generations, we all must do our part.

Redmond, like many Puget Sound cities, has faced enormous change over the past decade—including population growth as well as a redesigned town center, new and enhanced parks, and other improvements. Birney sees this planned change as part of a larger effort to make Redmond a more inclusive, welcoming community.

“We can create a more equitable and inclusive Redmond for all our people by continuing to improve City services and responsiveness, and soliciting input from our growing and diverse population,” said Birney.  “By valuing collaboration, Redmond will benefit from the sum of its best ideas, and prepare for the future without leaving people behind, whether they are new to the area or have lived here their entire lives.”

Active in the Sound Cities Association of suburban and rural communities throughout King County, Birney is committed to addressing regional challenges, knowing there is only so much Redmond, or any one city, can do to address larger scale issues like homelessness, opioid addiction, and protections for seniors, veterans and vulnerable populations.

“Our challenges don’t begin and end at our city borders,” said Birney.  “We are affected by what happens in neighboring cities, the state, and beyond. By working collaboratively, we can tackle tough issues—from traffic to homelessness to climate change— and get real results. I look forward to building on my record of leadership as Mayor.”

Birney is launching her campaign with the support of prominent eastside leaders including County Council member Claudia Balducci, State Senator Manka Dhingra, State Representatives Vandana Slatter, Amy Walen, Larry Springer, and Roger Goodman.

“I’m excited for the early support from colleagues throughout the region,” said Birney. “But at the end of the day this campaign is about the people of Redmond, who I am proud to serve, and look forward to working with in this new role.  I look forward to connecting with you, hearing your ideas, and earning your vote for Mayor.”